the BAL chakan plant visit

The weekend of 23rd, 24th, and 25th of March saw us visiting a bunch of fellow riders from Bajaj Pulsar User Group (BPUG) and Bike Nomads (BN). We were 29 of us, and we were in Pune to visit Bajaj Auto's Chakan plant. The plant where Bajaj makes the Pulsar. This weekend saw fellow bikers and friends converging from Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, apart from us Pune guys.

The plant visit included a complete tour of the facility and the various manufacturing departments. This was followed by a 2 hour long Q&A session with people from R&D, and Marketing. A very important session where we hurled several questions related to bajaj and the motorcycling industry in India in general. The meet was extrememly informative and provided a great platform for us (representing customers) to interact with the manufacturer, face to face.

In the evening, we got a chance to ride the recently launched Pulsar 200 on the Chakan test track. Something all of us were eagerly waiting for. This was followed by a poolside dinner hosted by BAL. It was a very eventful evening, and something to remember for a long time indeed.

Apart from the chakan plant visit, some of us were quite eager to have tea at Lonavala at hours way past midnight. All thanks to a 24 hour tea stall at the bus-stand. Endless rounds of tea accompanied by some vada-pao saw us chatting about bikes and ride experiences. All this on three consecutive nights. Sweet!

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