the khandala ghat expressway syndrome

Riding fast on open roads with a deep orange sun hovering over the horizon is not something I wish to explain in words. It's something to be experienced. And just when you thought it had dawned, you are at a turn, with the surrounding land 300 metres below you, and you still have a few minutes of that elusive sunset that you thought you missed.

Yep, it's true, i've suffered from it, five times over in the last couple of weeks, and it doesn't seem to move away any time soon. Even a daily phenomenon like watching the sunset can bring a good and happy end to a long and tiring day. Khandala ghat is an hour away from my office back in Pune (this includes the agonizing experience of getting stuck in evening traffic). It however is worth the effort and returns many fold on those lazy days where you don't have anything concrete planned for the evening.

What's to follow is a ride down Khandala ghat to Khopoli and a return. Part NH4 and part expressway. Yup, it's also the only place where 2 wheelers are allowed on the Pune-Mumbai expressway. The roads aren't half as crowded on weekdays as they are on weekends, and that's the beauty of it. A few laps around these roads are definately bound to put a broad smile on the rider.

Top that up with an intermediate tea/coffee break at Lonavala. And, if the expressway experience was just an appetizer, the ideal way to finish it off is with a ride up and down Aamby Valley. When the thirst of riding is quenched, it’s time to ride 60 kms back home to Pune, to total the evening’s ride in excess of 250 kms. Call it the longer route home from work.

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